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Thread: Health concern.

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    Default Health concern.

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    So I rarley get sick, but for the past couple of days I've had a cold. Nothing bad, just congested, sore throat, a little bit of coughing and some mucus.

    What is bugging me, for the past couple of day when I sneeze.

    I have been sneezing so hard that it actually hurts me. When I sneeze I feel like a burning seneation start in my lungs and then travel out to my extremedies (sp)?. Its like I am sneezing so hard that it stops my heart or something.

    I don't know weather to be concered with this, or just let it go for a few days. Normally when I sneeze its a series of sneezes. But the past 2 days its only been 1 not a set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tammietailgator View Post
    I was congested... but for some odd reason... I love a good sneeze! whew! achewwww! Just enjoy it! :)
    Well you do know what they say a good sneeze is like.

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