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Aaron Curry was THE top rated player in last year's draft. Darren McFadden was the same in 2008. Jamarcus Russell in 2007. Reggie Bush in 2006. I could care less about "top rated."

The Chiefs are a team that gave up the 6th most sacks in the league, and was 2nd to last in sacking the QB (they had 22, the leader had 48), and their biggest need is safety? That's a silly argument.

You're right, we're not going to get to the QB every play, but if you set a trend that you're going to get to the QB, it can kill an offenses game plan.

Who was the last great Chiefs safety? Deron Cherry? I recall Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas being on the same team for a couple years with him...
funny you bring up Deron Cherry. He was signed by the Chiefs to be the punter and filled in as safety during practice and the rest is history.

We have had some very good safeties on this team drafted later in the draft.