***Chiefs trade #5 to Eagles for #24, #55, #70 & #105***

I have been hearing that the Eagles desperately want to trade up for Berry & I doubt that all their draft picks will make their team anyway. So they work out a trade with us that allows them to get Berry & keep their high 2nd rounder, while allowing us to stock up on valuable low 2nd to high 4th rounders. I realize that this will not work out in our favor in the point value chart, but the value chart is outdated & nobody uses it anymore anyway. I believe this works out nicely for both teams. Here is how Philly's draft looks after the trade - #5, #37, #87, #121, #137, #200, #243 & #244...

***Chiefs trade DJ & #55 to the Saints for #32 & #239***

The Saints trade Brown & a 3rd to the Cowboys for # 27 allowing them to trade down for DJ, who will likely immediately become a successful starter in their ball-hawking Defense. The Chiefs develop a secret Man-crush on Gresham & do not think he will get past the Rams at #33, so they move up & snag him without losing any valuable extra draft picks.

***Chiefs Draft***

#24 DE/OLB Jerry Hughes (TCU)

Pouncy would have been a serious consideration here, but the Donkeys trade down several spots & snag him, making this man-beast a no brainer here.

#32 TE Germaine Gresham (Oklahoma)

While I will not say that Gresham will be our next Gonzo, he should make it a bit easier watching Tony finish his career w the dirty birds. Jermaine should step into our starting TE spot & provides a quality target for Cassel for years to come.

#36 WR Golden Tate (ND)

Out of Hughes, Gresham & Tate, Golden has the best shot at dropping to us at #36 IMO. Tate should win the starting slot spot right away & has the potential to be a solid #2 down the road, the fact that he can help out in the return game as well is a added bonus.

#50 NT Torrel Troup (Central Florida)

While this might be a bit high for Troup, I just can't see him dropping to our 3rd rounder because of the high demand & I have him as the 3rd best NT on my board.

#69 ILB Brandon Spikes (Florida)

Was a huge play-maker for the Gators despite the fact that he runs a ridiculously slow 40 in shorts. Provides us w the thumper type LB we need.

#70 ILB Jamar Chaney (Mississippi)

After just adding a thumper ILB we add a athletic play-making ILB who should be able to contribute on passing downs in coverage & blitzing etc. Chaney should complete what looks to be a solid & deep youthful LB core.

#102 OG Marshal Newhouse (TCU)

A big physical Guard that ran a 5.0 40, just might be the replacement at LG for Waters after he leaves in a year or two & provides solid depth at both Guard spots in the meantime.

#105 OC Eric Olson (ND)

Weis gets another one of his guy's, providing solid insurance & the probable future replacement behind Casey.

#136 DE Author Jones (Syracuse)

Not really a need at all, but he has 1st round talent & likely would have been drafted by the mid 2nd at worst before his injury. Pioli just can't pass on this value here & extra D-Line depth can never be a bad thing in Pioli's eyes.

#142 RB Joique Bell (Wayne St))

I still have a huge man-crush on this kid & he will be the probable replacement for Jones in the future.

#144 CB/FS Myron Lewis (Vanderbilt)

Big, fast & versatile fits what Pioli likes & he should compete for the nickle spot right away.

#239 SS/FS Harry Coleman (LSU)

Good value for solid depth at both SS & FS.

What do you guys think?