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I wish I could have gone. Money and time were an issue. If it was a on a Saturday..it would have been more due-able.
Yeah, I didn't like it being on a weeknight either. They changed it for the $$$$...airing it in primetime. Oh, the NFL says they changed it to benefit fans, claiming it was more convenient for fans to watch TV on weeknight...but I don't buy it. For those whom it's important to watch the Draft on TV, they'll make the time to watch, regardless of it being on a Saturday or weeknight.

It was about the money the NFL can make selling airing rights during primetime viewing, advertisment seconds, etc.. It wasn't about the fans. For those fans like me who use to make attending Draft Day a family affair...we can't do that feasibly now with it being on a weeknight. This was the first Draft Day party I attended without my daughter, her hubby and my grandson & step grandson...I missed them. The boys thoroughly enjoyed attending too, their Chiefs loyalty & pride grows deeper with attending such events, and they are the future generation of Chiefs fans. Now they can't attend Draft Day as a Chiefs and family tradition because it's on a school night.

I believe attending such events with kids is important in establishing Chiefs loyalty and tradition for when they become adults. As a bonus they learn lessons of loyalty and tradition, importance of family unity/bond/sharing...of which they can apply to many aspects of life in adulthood.