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    do you like him as our third rounder. almost evry draft expert has him as the best blocking tight end in the draft.and from the clips i have seen he looks like he will be a good receiving te when needed.i am excited to add a good blocking te it will make the o-line better i did not like the pick at first but it is growing on me

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    i don't think anyone ever questioned this kid's talent. Like it was said before, he catches with his hands, not his body - so right off the bat, I like it.

    He also shows athleticism in his catching, and looks fast enough to get yards after the catch.

    This kid was the top tight end recruit out of high school, and if he didn't have injury issues every year that he played, he could have been the top tight end prospect in the draft, because he apparently is a complete player.

    Unfortunately, there is a reason he dropped - multiple injuries.

    We'll see how it plays out. From a talent standpoint, I love it, but this pick could easily just fizzle out with a couple of early injuries.

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    Hopefully the injury bug is over, and he will be a great player.

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