I am an Alabama and Titans fan, so I was really wanting Javy, but the Chiefs killed that, still, I dont see much commotion over him, so I wanted to tell you a little about him.

Javier Arenas was a lesser known guy in the Florida area. He was originally destined to Florida International until then headcoach Mike Shula extended an offer, most likely just to fill a roster spot.

He started day one as a return man, and he was good at it. So good infact, id wager for two straight years just watching him go was the most exciting part of our program.

Of course we landed Saban and there was alot of hubbub. Around the middle of 2007 Saban saw a bit more potential in him and converted him into a corner. He has been a corner for two full seasons, and he is NFL calibre. Of course height is a concern at his position, but not his instinctive nature nor his tackle making ability. He lacks size for the big hit, but he was pound for pound the strongest guy on the team, and he could bench over 400.

As a PR/KR, there is no one better at it in the draft. "But Kyle Wilson/Dexter McCluster are pretty good at it too". Yes, Ive seen highlights. They are good enough to be his backups. What makes his return game so special is not his speed or his wiggle(though he has it), it is his instinctive nature regarding where everyone is on the field as well as his ability to read, follow, and set up blocks. I feel this translates really well to the NFL.

At Alabama he had the nickname "Agent 28" which isnt just a coincidence since "Agent 0" is his cousin. As an Alabama fan, I will be honest and say ill miss him more than Rolando McClain and Kareem Jackson, just to give you an idea of what kind of impact player he was.