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Thread: My overall draft thoughts

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    Default My overall draft thoughts

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    While I can not say that I loved our draft I can't and refuse to say that we had a bad draft. The picks have me wanting more and more to see the football season get here. I can not wait to see what we have.

    1st round While I was not 100% on the Berry bandwagon I think that he will help this team win. And if he can do that I am happy to have him. The guy seems to love the game and those players seem to do realy well in the NFL.

    2nd round. Like many who still are when I saw Dexter Mcclusters name come across I had one thought in my mind. WHAT ARE WE DOING. After hearing that there were more team intrested and hearing what we are going to try to do with him I am eger to see what he is. There is some thought that hes the next Wes Welker. Who would no better then the man who found the first Wes Welker. He was not a big name comeing out either.

    2b I would have rather seen us draft someone on the d line that can help stop the run and get to the QB but I will trust Pioli

    3rd round. Getting O line help was great. It was the right pick for the chiefs at that point. We are slowly getting some depth on the o line hopefuly we can find a couple of undrafted guys that can add to that.

    TE is a postion that this team was lacking. Sure again I would have rather had a guy on D on the line that could help but It was a postion we do need some help on.

    5th round I dont no anything about the players that we got. We finaly took a linebacker I hope he can come in and help If he is one of the Pioli late finds then this team is in good shape IMO.

    Overall i would give the draft a B Not a draft that will catch your eyes but I trust Piolis eye for building a team so i am still looking for the chiefs to be a much better football team this season.

    Anther thing to consider on the pass rush and run d. You have to rember last season It took pretty much through training camp for this team to even be close to being in shape. If they come into camp in the shape they no Haley wants they will be all the more better during the season. Add that to A DC with a proven track record The player we already had should play better. Maybe just maybe we did not need as much help as we thought. We will just have to wait and see.

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    I too was kinda surprised with some of the picks other. I believe Paoli and Haley have a plan for what they want. Remember now that the draft is over, vets will be cut by other teams so we may not be done just yet, also there are the undrafted still out there. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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