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Thread: I shouldn't be here, but miss y'all!

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    Default I shouldn't be here, but miss y'all!

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    I sure miss y'all and posting at Chiefs Crowd!

    Some of ya know I made it back from the cruise safely this past week, but I've been spending hours since writing & editing my cruise story I committed to prior to the cruise. I know me, and if I was here posting I'd be easily distracted from fulfilling my committment to write a story covering my cruise experience.

    My story is for all, but specifically for those who are Kid Rock fan club member's that were unable to go on the cruise, of which there are literally thousands who didn't get to go. I was very blessed indeed to be one of the approx. 1800 fans aboard the ship.

    I've also been working on uploading & sorting almost 400 cruise pics. I completed & posted an Introduction, Chapters 1, 2, & 3...but still have Chapters 4, 5, & 6, to complete. I'm taking a 'Mothers Day Break', haha...and wanted to pop in and say 'hey', check in and make sure y'all are well and safe around here. :)
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