I learned tonight, that someone took most of the Draft Day souvenir's out of the package I mailed to Aussie. I mailed the items in a special heavy duty poster tube for mailing...taped both ends with clear packing tape. I had sent him two of the can koozies from Draft Day, put one on each end of the poster to protect it. I had to squeeze them in place, and they were tight, no way they could've moved.

Aussie's mom wasn't sure if they should tell me or not, knowing it would upset me...but she decided I should know, and I'm glad she did call me tonight on the phone to tell me, but I'm still upset. I wouldn't have wanted Aussie to fib with my asking him to let me know if he recieved the items, nor pretend he did.

She said the two can koozies were still in there, pushed together, not one on each end as I had packed them to protect the poster ends. There was no damage done to the mailing tube, hadn't split open or any thing like that. She said one end was opened and re-taped with white packing tape...of which I didn't use.

Every thing besides the two koozies was gone, including the sign KC Wolf held saying 'Hi Aussie' that was autographed by the Chiefs players to Aussie. Also, the cheerleaders poster, all personally autographed 'to Aussie'...of no benefit to someone else.

As well, the limited edition rare Chiefs 'Alumni' poster...GONE!

The good news is I have one of the posters, and am re-sending it to Aussie. I'm gonna call the Chiefs offices tomorrow...tell them what happened, and ask if the Cheerleaders can contribute another souvenir poster and re-autograph it to Aussie. KC Wolf is one of my Facebook friends, so I'm gonna send him a message at Facebook, also tell him what happened, and ask him to send me a picture autographed to Aussie. He didn't have any with him that night, but I know he has them, cause I have one he autographed to me several years ago.

I can pretty much replace it all for Aussie one way or another, but it's so sad that someone would do that...take things from a package, obviously it was special to have been mailed from the U.S. to Australia in the first place. How could someone do something so selfish like that to another person. :(