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Thread: 2010 Kansas City Chiefs Outlook

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    Default 2010 Kansas City Chiefs Outlook

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    I think our defense will look roughly the same as last year. A lot of 8-man fronts to protect our weakness against the run. Hopefully our secondary play will be good. I expect it will be.

    I fully expect the major improvement on this team next year to be on offense. For lots of reasons. I think this offense will be good, really good. I'm excited about Matt Cassell.. I'm excited about Thomas Jones....and Moeaki, McCluster, Asomoah, etc. I'm excited about Charlie Weis. This Chiefs team will move the ball. And that my friends, along with Romeo Crennel, will make this defense better in 2010.

    I start every year hopeful, but this year I'm excited. The best off-season I've witnessed as a Chiefs fan. The depth of talent that was added on the coaching staff and players is incredible. And we didn't lose anything through free agency.
    2010 will be a fun year to be a Chiefs fan. What are your predictions?
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