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Thread: Got an interview tomorrow.

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    Default Got an interview tomorrow.

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    At Delta. I have a job right now, but I could see this job opening up a bigger door for me in the future if I do get it.

    I am not going to bank on anything till I get the job though. They might pull a midwest on me. Thats probably another story for another time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryfo18 View Post
    Wanna help me do some remodeling at my new house?
    I dunno...maybe, do you know if there are any honorable & witty guys up your way, that have good hearts, single around my 'older' age range, who also love football & Rock n Roll? Might make it worth my while driving that far...cause I'm fed up with my little corner of 'OZ'. Too many Scarecrows, Tinmen, & Lions around here!...without brains, hearts, & courage that is! Me and my dogs don't wanna be in this part of Kansas anymore! There's also a Wicked Witch of the East nearby, with many flying monkey's! HA!
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