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It's kind of sad. I was looking forward to some kind of Page/Berry safety tandem. He is talented and I think will be a starter somewhere else. He's got decent ball hawking skills. I just don't know what his problem is. This team has all the potential in place and is going the right direction. With Crennel and Thomas coaching this guy up he could have turned a corner. Now I wouldn't care if we just released him. Or maybe we'll trade him for someone's 2011 5th or 6th rounder and use it in this year's supplemental draft for Unga. Either way,Page basically turned down his best chance at being a part of something special and I don't think he'll ever reach his full potential like I think he could have done in Kansas City.
It's because he's being asked to play out of position (SS) in a high injury spot without a long term contract in a contract year.

He was never going to be more than a stopgap at SS anyway, and we'd have replaced him in 2011. And he (like DJ) would have bolted at the beginning of this offseason if it weren't for the fact that 5th year players were RFAs instead of UFAs in the last year of the CBA.