OK everyone! I will try not to go into a rant about what the last few weeks have been like for me and my wife! As you all know we had a job offer in PA and we were working out the details for a home we had chosen. After more than a month of the landlord and rental agent dragging their feet and the employer and job recruiter renegotiating my job offer without my consent I started looking for another opportunity. We have made the move to Tulsa Oklahoma and I have made it through my first week of work! What we could not get done in 6 months in PA, we got done in 6 days on our own! I got a better job offer and we got into a nice home in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow, OK. It was a last ditch effort to find a job in the industry that I work in and also stay in the midwest instead of 1200 miles away! This literally has been a whirlwind move. We came down and finalized the job offer on a monday morn. Stayed looking at homes until we signed a lease on thurs. We drove back to KS and We moved the entire house the following monday! I hope I gave you the shortened version of it all as it would take forever to give the full story! It woulda ended up like Connies story about her cruise although mine woulda had alot of foul language! Anyhow, I should be back on more often now and will catch you all soon! BTW! Chiefster! I drove through Coffeyville 4 times now! I will let you know when we head back towards KS again! Later all!