I noticed a problem with the Chiefs' pass-protection. At first I was thinking that Kyle Turley was the problem, because the pressure was coming from his end of the line. Upon further study, on several plays, I noticed that John Welborne was not getting into any kind of position to "take over" the defensive end, from Turley, on stunts on that side of the line. Nor was he adjusting to the outside of Turley, to pick-up the defensive tackle, who was going to the outside on the stunt. This was leaving Turley with a choice. Leave the defensive end to easily beat an out-of-position Welbourne, or allow the defensive tackle to come-clean, on the outside.

Turley did the best that he could, by holding his ground against the defensive end, then trying to let him go, when the tackle had gotten to apoint of being the more immediate threat. It didn't work, because he was essentially being left with the responsibility of trying to block both guys. All he could do is block the more immediate threat, (the defensive end) until the tackle got close enough to become the more immediate threat. By that time, both players would have been too close to choose between and it would have been too late.

I applaud Turleys effort and hope that the Chiefs have noticed the exposure of Welbournes weakness. If it doesn't get fixed, then Turley will continue to look bad, by trying to cover for the failures of Welbourne. The Texans certainly noticed the problem, as they ran that stunt several times, in the Chiefs last couple of possessions.