Video Games - Madden 11 Ratings - ESPN

at the top is the link to espns kc chiefs 2011 ratings for madden. I love doing franchise mode so I look at potential of each player for the future and present. I think they were fair with there ratings. That said, a 78 for cassel dosen't give to much to work with. Bowe deserves to be a 84 mccluster being a 70 is fair for a rb turned slot receiver, how bout thomas jones being a 88 and jamaal charles being a 87, I see me using alot of a one two running punch this year, albert at 78 is rough but asmoah at 75 gives a good replacement for waters a 85. D line is weak linebackers weak with williams being best rated at 82 hali at 80. But I LOVE our defensive backs lol. Flowers a 85 and berry a 84 i love it. Arenas a 71 can take over for carr fast for a franchise. Page still a 74. Its gonna be work to use this team in a franchis but i love a challenege lol. what you guys think