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Thread: Chiefs Crowd NFL Pickem Challenge League Created! Info to join here >>>>

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    Default Chiefs Crowd NFL Pickem Challenge League Created! Info to join here >>>>

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    With Coach's okay I have created a Yahoo NFL Pickem Challenge League for Chiefs Crowd members and their families. You're welcome to invite your good NFL buddies as well if you'd like.

    If you've never played Yahoo's NFL Pickem's easy, quick, and competitive fun. All you need to do is pick which NFL teams you think will win their games each week. You have a 50/50 chance of being right, haha!

    Some league members choose to pick quickly using instinct, others will invest more time competitively, such as checking injury reports of teams prior to making a pick. Yahoo also provides a Pickem "Experts Picks" page to help influence your pics. Personally, I think it's fun to compete against the experts too, I enjoy picking more accurately than the so called experts do, hahaha. It's up to you how competitive you choose to be or not related to thought invested.

    At the end of the season, whomever has picked right the most often, wins of course. This year Yahoo is including picking through the playoffs too! YEAH! Yahoo also presents the top three placements with a virtual trophy to add to their Yahoo Fantasy Sports Trophy Case.

    The information you need to join our Chiefs Crowd Yahoo NFL Pickem Challenge League is below. I recommend when you join, that you allow the option for Yahoo to send you email reminders each week to make your picks. It's easy to forget when life becomes too busy at times, and not all games are scheduled on Sunday or MNF...there will also be Thursday night & holiday games. If you do miss a week picking, it is possible to re-gain your standing in a few weeks, if you pick very good & others at the top have a bad week, so not all hope is lost.

    I have set the league up so you may make your picks up to 5 minutes before each games scheduled kick off time. If you miss picking a Thursday night game, you will still be able to pick Sunday, MNF games. As well, if you miss picking the noon Sunday games, you will still be able to pick the late afternoon games.

    To join our Chiefs Crowd Yahoo NFL Pickem Challenge League, you will need our group ID # 3860, and password ccisbest...which is simply 'Chiefs Crowd is best' abbrieviated, haha. Our League name is 'Chiefs Crowd', you may choose whatever name you prefer for your 'pick set name'...I go by Connie Jo as always, haha.

    You will need to log in to your Yahoo account prior to following the 'join up' link below. If you don't have a Yahoo account you will need to open one, which it's free and easy to do.

    Here's the link to join our Chiefs Crowd Yahoo NFL Pickem Challenge League:
    Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pickem - Join a Group
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