Some are already aware, but for those who aren't...I was blessed today with being able to attend Chiefs Training Camp at Missouri Western in St. Joseph, Missouri! My closest friend of 25 yrs., Cindy, her grand-daughter, and her daughter Stacy, whose also my friend...invited me to ride along with them. Stacy is a Chiefs fan too, and we're working on her mom, Cindy...who isn't a football fan at all, she's getting there though, lol.

Our Chiefs looked AWESOME in the 1 1/2 hours we watched them practice! Cassel is throwing the ball GREAT!! I didn't see any WR drop even one ball! YEEHAW! Berry jumped high & quick, batting away a ball in the air preventing a catch, saving a TD near the goal line! I think he may have done the same a second time, but people were blocking my view, couldn't see the jersey number for sure.

Our boy's are looking GREAT y'all!!

I had an awesome time overall, the only downside was having to walk a VERY long way from the free parking to the training camp VERY HOT temps, much of it uphill! Even the youngin's were wore out, lol. I think the Chiefs should provide shuttles like they do on Draft Day from the parking lot to the indoor training facility at Arrowhead, which isn't nearly as far a walk compared to that we had today!'s some pic's for ya!

To get to the training camp area you MUST walk through the merchandise tent, haha. Four Chiefs Cheerleaders were signing autographs. This is a pic below I took after they signed a Chiefs training camp hand fan for me, which is laying on the corner of the table end nearest looking at the pic. The fan personally autographed to Aussie!

I had hoped to acquire more auto's to replace the ones lost in the mail to Aussie from Draft Day, but there were many fans at camp, and the players only sign for 10 minutes at the end of that days camp. :(

Here we are below! From left to right...Stacy, my friend Cindy's daughter, whom went to school with & grew up with my kids. We're like family! Next to Stacy is her daughter, Cindy's grand-daughter Shailey. Shailey is Cindy's first grandchild, & was born on my birthday! My first grandchild was just a couple hours shy of being born on Cindy's birthday. Next is 'me', with fresh pop stains on my shirt, lol...then Cindy. :)

Near the field is a pretend Chiefs player for fan photo taking, haha. The first one of me is normal, but then I decided if I was gonna be a Chiefs player even pretend...I needed a tough poker face, so the second photo I'm trying to appear 'tough', lol.

The rest are of the Chiefs practicing! :)

More to come in the next post! :)