Hey y'all...I have Coach's okay to offer for sale several autographed Chiefs items/memorabilia from my personal collection of the past 20+ years in this forum. I will begin posting photo's & descriptions later this evening. I have many autographed footballs & mini helmets autographed personally by Chiefs legends, including HOF'ers. As well, many novelty items too, including vintage.

Most of the autographed items I've obtained myself over the years, or through people I knew personally to be reliable that had access to Chiefs practice's at Arrowhead, etc.. I personally guarantee all items to be authentic. I'm an honest person, and I will also note any defects or flaws that the photo's may not reveal, although most of my items are in excellent condition overall.

As a result of my divorce in April 2009...my priority now must be surviving financially until I can sell my home, move closer to Kansas City, obtain employment. I need to pay my basic bills to survive in the meantime, as no feasible job opportunities have come to be, that I've applied for surrounding my rural community in the last several months.

Those items that are dear to my heart specifically, such as those my kids or friends have given me over the years as special gifts...I will be keeping. As well, a future home in Kansas City won't be able to feasibly display my collection of Chiefs memorabilia. No need to feel badly for me, nor for buying an item. It makes me happier knowing items will be going to homes of dedicated loyal Chiefs fans, of whom will appreciate the items as much as I do, & have over the years. God is beside me, I'm a survivor, and hopefully soon my house will sell, and I'll be able to re-build my life completely. I'll be closer to Arrowhead too when I'm able to relocate! :)

I have a difficult time pricing items, as I have no idea of current market or collectible value. This is the sort of personal collectible that varies in value...depending upon an individual desire and what it's worth to them. As well, I want any one interested to have a fair opportunity to acquire an item they may want...rather than just put a price on an item selling it to the first person that happens to want it.

All factor's considered, I feel it's best, including fair opportunity for all...for me to offer the items for sale on a 'will accept best offer' method. If you see an item you would like to buy, please PM me the best offer you're comfortable with. The item will be sold to the person making the highest offer, regardless of whether or not it may be considered low, as I said, my priority is paying my basic survival bills, not whether an offer may be considered low. I realize I'm not the only one struggling financially, so please offer what you feel comfortable with affordably. I will accept offers through August 15th. :)

Payments can be made one of three ways:
1) To my Paypal account, of which transactions are secure & insured.
2) Personal check or money order mailed to me directly.
3) In person, paid for when picking the item(s) up. It's not feasible for me to make several trips to Kansas City, so if you're wanting to pick an item up personally, you will need to do so either at location arranged near my home, or at my home if I know you and am comfortable, haha. I live about an hour & half drive NW of Arrowhead Stadium. If you're going to be attending the MNF game tailgating event, I can also bring items with me then. :)

If an item is to be mailed to you after receipt of payment, I package all items safely, & will mail Priority with tracking. I will note shipping cost to the item description post, which will be in addition to your best offer.

Any questions?...please ask.