I know, way too early, but I'm itching for some FOOTBALL! Most of these probably wont' be insanely accurate, but according to what I'm hearing about us and said opponents right now, why not?

vs Chargers- W (27-24)

Nope, I'm not sold on this win, but the holdouts sure help! No question, the Chargers will put up some points on our defense, but I'm becoming more and more impressed with this offense.

@ Browns- W (31-10)

No way the Browns beat us this time. As long as we stop the run, this should be a laugher.

vs 49ers- W (17-14)

This one was a tough call. The 49ers are for real and they're trying to prove it in a weak NFC West. Their defense is incredible and have a lot of talent on offense, but QB is a huge question mark. With a better offense, we come out on top.

@ Colts- L (34-20)

After a 3-0 start, no need to feel bad about this one, it's the Colts. They're too much for a lot of teams.

@ Texans- L (28-24)

An offensive shootout, but I think the Texans are equipped with a bit more talent than us. It's on the road, as well.

vs Jags- W (24-14)

Back in the win column! I don't thing the Jags are quite as bad as people think, but they do have a problem at QB.

vs Bills- W (14-6)

The Bills are the weirdest team in the NFL. They usually finish on the south side of .500, but sometimes, they can pull a good game out. I think we'll win, but don't be shocked at an upset.

@ Raiders- L (17-13)

Yep, call me crazy, but the Raiders are much better this year without Russel. While not an offensive juggernaut, their defense makes up for it.

@ Broncos- W (27-17)

No way the Broncos have the year they did last year, and that wasn't even a playoff year, thanks to us. This team has way too many problems to NOT be in anywhere but last.

vs Cardinals- W (35-28)

The Cardinals defense got a lot worse without Dansby, but they'll still put up points with Leinart. I think he'll be a lot better than his first around at QB.

@ Seahawks- L (24-14)

Yep, I'm calling this a loss. The Seahawks have a ton of talent now and could be a sleeper for the west in a week division. Of course, the road doesn't help.

vs Broncos- W (24-10)

Read above, it's almost the same thing, only maybe a bit worse because it's at home.

@ Chargers- L (35-20)

A lot of this depends on Jackson coming back. If he's still having issues, then we could steal this one.

@ Rams- W (41-10)

A massacre for the Governor's Cup.

vs Titans- W (27-21)

This is one of my most anticipated games. Charles vs Johnson? Sign me up! Should be one of the better games of the year to watch.

vs Raiders- W (21-10)

They beat us there, but we take them out here on the last game of the season.

End record has us at 11-5 and should be right there for the division and definite wild card! Now remember, this is a pretty optimistic record and some games could bend either way. Let me know what you guys think!