Well, the bad news is on offense. Cassel had a bit of an over throwing issue today. Bowe dropped one ball for sure, maybe two...couldn't see the jersey number well on the second drop. Jerheme Urban let a couple passes slip right through his hands, big sighs from many in the area I was in when he missed those.

The good news is, other than 1-2 dropped balls, Bowe made some great catches, with speed. McCluster, well...he's just AWESOME, and once again seemed to steal the show being a favorite among fans attending this morning's camp.

There were two places suggested by camp guides to obtain player auto's after camp, I was at the wrong one, haha. OPlookn was at the right one, but it's his story, not mine to tell, haha.

The VIP tent was 'okay'. I'm grateful for the opportunity, but it wasn't as VIP as what most might think. Basically, the benefits of VIP were being shaded by a tent, being served glazed donuts, water, or Gatorade. The premium parking pass included with VIP passes was nice with being much closer to camp.

The VIP tent was further from the action on the field than general fan areas, so OPlookn and I both left VIP, went to other areas to be in better & closer view of on field practice, specifically for picture taking. I took a few pics, which I'll post in the picture forum soon. OPlookn has an awesome camera, so hopefully he'll post pic's as well, and I think he'll likely have some awesome ones.

I enjoyed getting out of the house, attending camp, and meeting OPlookn...chatting Chiefs, other common subjects, during the drive to St Joe and back to Atchison's Walmart...which was my pick up & drop off point for OPlookn. I speculate he's about my son's age maybe?...and we got along great. I'm very thankful to him for picking me up in Atchison, driving me back, for the company & fun chit chat. :)