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    This song, "Lonely Road of Faith" among my favorite Kid Rock ballads, second only to his ballad "Only God Knows Why". Only God Knows Why is on his DWAC 1998 CD...the song that initially of which made me a fan of Kid Rock.

    This video, "Lonely Road of Faith" was recorded back in 2001 I think, know it was after 9-11...but with Uncle Kracker still on the turn tables as a member of Kid Rock's band, Twisted Brown Trucker...I know it was pre 2002. Paradime replaced Kracker in late 2001 or early 2002...Kracker moving on to a solo artist career.

    I'm posting this video, the honor of all of us who have Faith, and for our brave Military and their families who wait for their return.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Kid Rock - Lonely Road Of Faith [Video].VOB[/ame]

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    Very, very nice!

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