I have been a chiefs fan for along time I have seen the ups and downs of this team I have represented this team for as long as I have lived in Kansas. I think that being a Chiefs fan gives us all the opportunity to express our point of views with one another. On this site after posting 1 forum and the response I had was good but there are some ignorant people on this site. For example one of the responses I got from some one was "your stupid" WTF does that have to do with the Chiefs if you think the Chiefs are a good team then your blind if you think the draft that we had this year was good your blind if you think that the draft we have had in the past 4 years was good you blind. The only players that we have drafted in the past 4 years that have made a difference is 2007 Dwayne Bowe 1 out of 7, 2008 Jamaal Charles 1 out of 12, 2009 Ryan Succop 1 out of 9, and 2010 TBA. So what does that mean?

That means we have a 10.71% rate in the draft up until now so please go on this forum and tell me we have done good in our drafts. All three of these guys that I mentioned are not even Pro Bowl Material except Charles.

Its like this if it taste like piss and it smells like piss then guess what its PISS. If you dont have a good arguement and you are just writing to be writing do us all a favor and go some where else.