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I have to agree that it in no way has anything to do with the chiefs... But unlike all the BS opinions you have contributed... They have contributed fact... You are ****ing stupid.
OK... So I got my first warning for this post. To the mods I apologize.. sincerely. But in my post history I stay on topic and truly try to contribute. But come on... what are we elementary kids who need tended to if our feelings get hurt!?!?! The last thing I would ever want is to hurt the integrity of this site.

But if someone drives the point home that if we think Brandon Flowers was a good draft pick that we are blind. And that a team who has implemented A LOT of new changes, especially coaching staff, that has played 2 preseason games is PISS. Then I believe if they are man enough to post such things than they should be able to take it. I mean for gods sake.... He called us blind fans and our chiefs piss!?!?! Dissapointed