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    Strength: Rb's, punter,pass defense, and kicker

    Weakness: Passing game, O-line, rush defense, pass rushing.

    Identity:I think our identity right now is a speed running team that throws quick short passes that's why we picked up mccluster and with the quick passes the Chiefs are probably thinking they don't need a great line. I don't think we are going to see. With Every team passing 30-40 times a game the Chiefs beefed up on DB's and that's why they didn't do a lot of work on the D-line.

    Concerns: I think if we play a good run team we are going to get run over and I think a team with great pass rushers will collapse the pocket and Cassel will be looking at a 5 sack game. Matt might be to methodical for these quick two step drop type passes.

    Pros: I think we are going to see a lot of very good screens to Mccluster or Charles and I think these quick passes will ease pressure on our line. We have two healthy good WR's in Chambers and Bowe and the running game could help get them open.

    please don't respond with your stupid or something insulting if you think I'm wrong let me know with stats or intellect not baseless insults.
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