Somebody had to start a thread on him eventually. has an article that claims the Cardinals are taking calls about him from other teams.

There is obviously a connection since Haley was once his OC, and it's never a bad idea to improve your depth at QB. If Cassell turns out not to be our guy, or if he gets injured, where are we going to turn. As much as I like Brodie, everybody knows we would be lucky to get through one game without him being injured.

I have always felt like Leinart could be a star QB if he was ever given a real chance to become a full-time starter. He has been better than Anderson statistically, but rumor has it that his teammates just don't believe in Leinart and so Anderson is going to be the starter. Something tells me that Leinart is now highly motivated to prove his teammates and critics wrong, and he is going to go somewhere and do good things. A motivated QB with Leinart's talent and a fresh start could be scary good.