This preseason was 100% better then the preseason that we saw a year ago. I think that there were far more postives then there was negitives. And for the first time in a while this looks like a real football team.

I am more sold on Todd Haley then ever. Last season this team did not often look as good as they have now. And this is only preseason. I no preseason does not mean much but just the fact that the past preseasons have looked so bad this is a huge step forward IMO.

The defense. The defense a year ago gave up tons of yards on the ground and could not get pressure on the qb to save there own lifes. They looked much better on both accounts. Pressure still needs to get more but it's a far step forward on the defensive side of the ball.

The runing game. It looks really good. With Jones Charles and Mccluster I don't think that there is any question that this is going to be an offense that is based on the running game.

The return game. Last year this was a week point. Outside a few nice returns by Charles the Chiefs started often in the shadow of there own goal line most the time.

The passing game needs work. It is by far the weak point of the offense. I hope then when in the real season the running game opens things up for them more but the passing game is in real need of work.

The late defense. Blew a game that the Chiefs should have won against Philly in the last moments. They have to play better in the last moments of the game.

I think this team can make a run at the playoffs with us playing the weak NFC WEST.