So, my dad has two season tickets in a great location. He HAD this lady friend that used to go to every game with him except for the one game I decided I wanted to go to each year. Anyway, he decides that he's no longer going to make her his number one priority (he was wanting to be more than friends). She suddenly decides she wants to (because she knows she won't be able to take advantage of him otherwise). Being the smart man that my dad tends to be, he doesn't go for it. She decides that she can't even be his friend anymore (just because she's not his main focus? please). She said she would feel uncomfortable going to the games with him, even though he said he still wouldn't mind her going.

Ca-ching! I get to choose the two games I want to go to now. PLUS, I am the backup person to go with dad if he doesn't find a buyer for his other ticket for each game. I know I'm going to the Packers game in November and the Chargers game in December. So far, it looks like I'm going to the home opener this weekend!