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    Default Overnight parking

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    Does anyone know if Arrowhead park or Stadium park is open this season? There are 6 of us coming down for the 49ers game in an RV and we need a place to park. I know there used to be a RV park at Arrowhead, does anyone know if it still exists? And if not, does anyone know of a good spot near the stadium?
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    6 of you!!!!
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    "Bus and RV parking is available in the gravel lot behind Lot N. Enter through Gate 6. Grass parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis in many areas; however the vehicle cannot block a roadway."

    It doesn't sound like you can park there overnight though.

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    They use to allow overnight RV parking, for a fee of course. You might want to call Arrowhead & check for sure. It's possible they don't allow it any longer, but I sure see many RV's on game day, and many were up front, near the stadium on the West side.

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    Important Parking and Tailgating Information for Chiefs Fans:

    1. One vehicle per parking space.
    2. Parking passes and parking spaces are for vehicles only, and cannot be used for trailers, grills, tables, additional tailgating spaces, etc.
    3. All vehicles pulling a trailer of any kind will be charged for an extra parking space and must park in the grass.
    4. You must tailgate in front of or behind your vehicle.
    5. Saving spaces is not permitted.
    6. Parking passes do not guarantee a specific parking spot.
    7. Roadways, aisles, and other parking spaces must be kept free of tailgating equipment so that vehicles may park or pass.
    8. If your vehicle is too large to fit in the 8X16 space in the lot, you must park in the back of the lot or in the grass.
    9. Parking lots close 90 minutes following games or stadium events.
    10. Overnight parking is not allowed.
    11. Violations of these policies may result in the loss of reserved parking and/or purchase of season tickets.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation with arrowhead security and TRAFFIC personnel, KCPD, and MSHP officers on our complex.

    Also, RV parking just for the day is $60. Oof.

    Never done the RV thing, so I'm not much help on a space close to the stadium. Sorry.

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