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A) I HATE fans like you.
B) We WON the game.
C) Cassel looked good 2nd half, and made crucial 3rd down conversions.
D) Save your negative B.S. until Wednesday, its "F***in (g)" Sunday.
E) Welcome to Chiefs Crowd. This being your 6th post EVER, let me tell you something, threads that start with a misspelled curse word suck, especially on game day.
F) Fans like you complain when we win it wasn't by enough points, which makes you not a fan, just a chronic complainer. I assume your life is full of failure.
G) I hate fans like you.
H) Chiefs are 2-0 and in 1st place.
I) I am not wasting another breath on worrying about crappy fans like you.
I <3 Fans like you!!!