Weiss is touted as a great developer of QBs. And his track record is difficult to argue with.

Just wondering what our expectations are for a timeline of said development.

Albeit, I would expect better progress through two games. But I am far from surprised at the struggles of this developing process.

Now, I want to be clear here. I am far from confident that Cassel even can be transformed from a drop back and wait for patterns to open up kind of QB to a quick reading sort.

I didn't like the trade we made for him. I still don't really like it.

But I am not really even close to calling it after two games. (Both wins)

While I sincerely doubt his abilty to be a great QB in this offense, I have very little doubt that he will be better than he was today.

But honestly, is two games the standard for measuring the development of a QB?