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I'm just saying I have no faith in this team, we are 2-0 but our special teams and defense won the first game and we barely snuck by the worst team in the league in the browns.

Dont get me wrong I love that we are 2-0 and I love the team but we are not far off from being 0-2 by any means. I think Cassel is the main problem.
So if you look at this in a positive frame of mind, you would say... Wow, this team is winning the worste kind of way. What happens if all of sudden, the light goes on and Cassel becomes the QB we all hope he is.

He showed some signs of it in the second half. I don't think he trust his receivers yet. He is starting to trust Moeaki.

I guess you could just say he sucks and never give him any thought or credit for any success he has and be bitter even when good things are happening.