We didn't lose games because Tony G. was a bad TE. We lost games because our WRs were lousy and we couldn't stretch the field. Teams never had to respect our passing game except for short passes to Holmes and Gonzalez (in 2003). There's nothing wrong with "using the TE if the defense is allowing it." But if over the course of a season your TE has emerged as your main receiver, you have lousy WRs and will probably miss the playoffs, or be a one-and-done.

This is complete BS...I was at the Colts Chiefs play off game. Our receivers/Offensive had nothing to do with being one and done.

The 2003 teams stretched the field better than any NFL team. It was our defense that sucked.

But don't worry, You won this argument. There is not point in debatiing with you any further. As I recently said in another recent thread, there are common players in threads getting closed. Just ignore those people. I will take my own advice. Fact of the matter, the Chiefs are 2-0 and you are still bitter about it. You just can't please some people. Bye bye