Currently at 2-0. This is how I view the rest of the schedule for the Chiefs:

Week 3 49ers Loss 2-1 Alex Smith went to the same high school(Helix)that I attended and he has shown he can play in the NFL.

Week 4 Bye

Week 5 @ Colts Loss 2-2 No twelfth man help accept for the Colts.

Week 6 @ Texans Loss 2-3

Week 7 Jaguars Win 3-3

Week 8 Bills Win 4-3

Week 9 @ raiders Win 5-3

Week 10 @ Donks Loss 5-4

Week 11 Cardinals Win 6-4

Week 12 @ Seahawks Loss 6-5 The Chiefs experience another teams' renowned twelfth man.

Week 13 Donks Loss 6-6

Week 14 @ Bolts Loss 6-7 Good weather and the Bolts don't lose in December. Come out and enjoy some sunshine and root your team on. You will be welcomed and thanked by the Convention and Visitors Bureau. San Diego Vacation, Travel, Tourism – Hotels, Restaurants, Events

Week 15 @ Rams Win 7-7

Week 16 Titans Loss 7-8

Week 17 raiders Win 8-8 Remember that 8-8 sometimes get a team in to the playoffs but most likely they have to win the Division to do it, as in the '08 Chargers. A good send off pointing to next year, and remember Cassel can win when surrounded with a good Team. He proved that in New England.

And that is my take on the Chiefs Season. Please be Kind.