Haley plain out coached Singletary. Maybe it was advicefrom Weis, I don't know, but running the punt team off the field with 12 second left on the clock forcing a time out was brilliant. I have never seen that before.

Then the onsides kick. I loved it. It told me that, the team was that confident in the defense, that they were not scared even giving them half a field. I loved the attack, attack mentality the team showed and performed.

You have to love the offensive play calling. The Chiefs spread the ball all over the place. The Chiefs just showed, that there is more weapons than just the running backs.

This defense. Wow. Tamba is playing hurt as it is. All of those worries about the D line in the off season seems to be forgotten at this point. Dorsey is getting attention form the O line which is helping the rest of the line. DJ and Belcher have been great. Not sure how I feel about Shaun Smith grabbing peoples nuts, but I love the fact they are being very physical. It is one thing to run your mouth but backing it up on the field with Play is another.

Our special teams won the battle in the first half when the game was close.