A note to Vern, hahaha...this is how to take a photo of a woman over 50...no close ups in direct sunlight enhancing wrinkles! LOL You're an ornery one you are, but one of the good guys, & I'm honored to consider you a friend.

Thank you to everyone, especially Tammie & Troy for guiding me in the back way, haha. As well, thank you Troy for all your hard work, efforts, contributions of food at MNF & the 49er's tailgate gatherings. I have yet another friendship memory related to my truck...Troy rode in it with me, guiding me through the parking lot to our tailgate location, hahaha.

Nate, me, & Ryan aka YZILLA

Me and Dave aka Canada

Vern aka Hayvern, me, and Mike aka Capital T

Our group photo

Gotta love this photo, hahaha!

Troy aka Seek and I'm sorry, but I think he introduced himself as 'Graven'? I have a hearing loss, so wasn't sure.

Ryans group from South Dakota

We had a fire...oops!

Me and Tammie aka Tammietailgator