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Thread: The Chief's two stupidest moves in recent years

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    Default The Chief's two stupidest moves in recent years

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    Here are my two: Trading Jared Allen and releasing Bernard Pollard. What are yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by figcrostic View Post
    Wow your so clever. Now go slit your wrist with some hockey skates. Stupid Candadian! This is about the Chiefs not yourself, nobody gives a damn about your own decisions.
    This was your response to a joking comment I made. Slit my wrists...what, cause I dont want to revisiti the Jared Allen trade again. Please dont get all high and mighty about how you are treated. You dont like that I duscuss tailgating and going to games with friends, use the ignore button. But please dont act like you are the smartest guy around because you figured out that trading Jared Allen was not a good idea.
    The only reason a beer sweats around Canada is because he's decided it will be the next beer he drinks.

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