We played one of the best offenses in the league and held them under 20 points. Did you actually think Matt Cassel was gonna go out there and throw 300 yards on the Colts who only allow 200 yards and that's playing against Houston,Giants, and Denver who are all much better at throwing the ball then us. Everyone blames Dwayne Bowe because he dropped a couple catches it's not just his fault the balls could be thrown better and him not holding onto it is inexcusable but let's not forget what this man has done for us and how he has been our number one reciever for many years. Let's really assess our team and if you do nothing has changed. Our passing game hasn't been good in years which hasn't changed, our defense has been playing great and played excellent today, our running game is great and played great as well. See no change. Like I said in previous post if we can't throw the ball all they have to do is stuff the run and it's beginning to happen. You all know my feelings on Cassel that's why I don't even say anything anymore you all are better at bad mouthing him then I ever was. Hopefully we can resolve this one minor issue other then that we are a very good team.