This is a great read for those hating on Cassel and the offense. The comparisons between Brady in 2001 and Cassel are spot on. This article was very well written and hopefully quiets some of the haters out there. Here's the full link, it's a long read so I pulled out a couple of the best points from the article.

Apologize? For What? Bumping Into The Ceiling? - Arrowhead Pride

My crystal ball indicates that there is another version of this story unfolding in KC. With each game played, our defense seems to grab just a bit higher on the rope and pull themselves up another notch. They just went into the defending AFC champion Indianapolis Colts HOUSE and denied Mr. Football a passing Touchdown. Just how many squads will do that this year? All will try, but how many will succeed?

These guys and some of their closest friends DID it. Mr. Football even said that the Chiefs weren't giving up anything (If I may paraphrase). This group has succeeded beyond expectations--or have they? It depends on who you ask.

I'll bet Romeo wouldn't say that they have performed beyond expectations. Let's compare '01 Pats vs '10 Chiefs D.

'01 Pats for entire season: Defense gave up 334.5 ypg total, 200 ypg passing and 135 ypg rushing and 17 pts per game.

'10 Chiefs thru 4 games: Defense gave up 320 ypg total, 240 ypg passing and 81 ypg rushing and 14.25 pts per game.

It would appear that the defense is on the path. In fact, they are slightly ahead of what the '01 Pats did. Don't forget now, we are talking about a Super Bowl winning year vs these Chiefs having already played the likes of Phyllis Rivers and Mr. Football?! And we have given up LESS points per game so far?! That is scary good my friends. Does anyone beside me think this is significant?
What's that? It's not the defense that is the problem? Oh. You say it's that incompetant QB #7 (we all know who is disrespecting Matt Cassel in this fashion) that is the main problem? In addition, throw in that lousy DBowe as well. I gotta tell ya, I was hoping you would say that.

That would bring us to this guy. Sir Thomas Brady. Let's see what kind of numbers Brady had in that Superbowl winning season. Brady only got to play in 15 regular season games that year because Drew Bledsoe started the year as starter and went down in the second game of the season. I think that is close enough to a full season for comparison so let's get on with it.
In 2001 Tom Brady went 264/413 for 2843 yds and a 63.9% completion rate, 18 TDs, 12 Ints. He finished the season with an 86.5 rating and averaged 27.5 attempts per game. That is an average passing yards per game of 189.5. Twice that year Brady was held to under 100 yds passing.

FF to 2010. Matt Cassel in four games this season as gone 58/106 for 650 yds and a 54.7% completion rate, 4 TDs, 3 Ints. He currently has a 74 rating and is averaging 26.6 attempts per game. That is an average passing yards per game of 162.5. So far this year Cassel has been held to under 100 yds passing only once.

If you extrapolate Cassel's numbers for the season wihout improvement he would go 232/424 for 2600 yds, 16 TDs and 12 ints. Does anybody but me see a game plan here? Do you think that Cassel is being put into a preprogrammed plan that says so many passes vs so many rushes per game? The similarity cannot be coincidence with so many of the same puppet masters controlling the strings. Even if Cassel is underperforming, the '01 Pats WON a Super Bowl with similar numbers. I would bet that Cassel finishes the year with similar numbers to Brady's from '01. I hope that they are better numbers but if Super Bowl winning numbers is all we can get, well, I'll take it.