13/18 for 193 yds 10.7 av. 2td no int 144 qb rating his best ever.

Jones 20 for 125 1td long 70
Charles 15 for 71 long 18
would have liked to seen more Charles in this one. if not for jones 1 run Charles beat him big.

Bowe 3 for 81 2td's thrown to 5 times
Moeaki 3 for 42 thrown to 3 times

would have liked to see more to moeaki, especially some screens ro charles or dmc.

Bouman 18/34 for 222 yds 6.5 av. (SEEMED LIKE MORE) 2 td's 2 int's 68.5 rating.
Jones dre 16 for 47 yds 2.9 av. long 21 (take that 21 away he got crap)
Karmin 5 for 29 yds 5.8 av long 13

Jones drew 5 for 74yds (that hurts) 14.8 av. 1 TD longest 29
lewis 3 for 44 thrown to 9 times.. (nice)

Over 200yds rushing again and holding them to less then 80yds rushing really speaks for our team.

i will really like to se the passing game open up some more.. i think we got screwed in 2 really bad PI calls again, but we didnt leave it to the refs this week.

Great game next week winless hungry Bills that played a tough game today against the ravens in OT loss.