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I have to admit that Bowe seems to have finally woke up to what everyone is saying about him. I am still not so sure that he is over his butterfingers yet, but he has been playing well.

Cassel, eh, the jury is still out. I see the passing plays other QBs are doing out there and I continue to wonder why we do not have the same thing going on here.
The reason is we are playing Marty Ball. I don't care how good a QB is, if you throw the ball as much as some teams do, it will bite them in the but. Look at Drew Breeze yesterday. Two INt's for TD's. and they lost the game.

There is no reason to throw the ball around when your running attack is getting 200 yards a game. Look at what Oakland did yesterday. 57 runs, for 320+ yards.

The Chiefs are playing to their strengths and they are playing smart. I don't know why fans are wanting something different. This is a winning formula.