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Were We Wrong On Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel? - SB Nation Kansas City

You cassel haters really need to get a life as i stated before. Ftw watch the 2 td passes he threw to bowe..there is no way kc is drafting a qb. Cassel is the franchise qb for years to come like it or not.
He had 13 completions on the game. His completion to Bowe was underthrown, if there was any sort of coverage it would have been an incompletion. He severely overthrew copper and left him out to dry, if it weren't for the new rule we could have very well lost a player for the year. He underthrew another receiver, I believe the one just called up and hit him in the knee. He overthrew Bowe and forced him to make an incredible TD catch. It's hard to argue but the pass intended for Bowe when he ran the wrong route looked pretty uncatchable anyway. He has the best running game in the NFL supporting him and some of the most dynamic backfield pass catchers to dump it off to, a sure handed tight end and a receiver that's currently playing out of his mind. He hasn't done anything that a mediocre QB couldn't be doing. Heck, he was outplayed by Bouman in the first half. I don't expect him to put up consistent deep gems like the elite quarterbacks seem to be able to do, I don't expect him to be able to slot it into a window the size of a basketball hoop to a receiver toeing the sideline, but I do expect him to put the routine throws in a position where the receivers can take the ball in and make their move in one fluid motion, something which he's been very inconsistent with.

I think most of the people that don't like Cassel are like me. We don't hate him, we want him to succeed, but we're unimpressed by his pedestrian-at-best performances. We want to see this team put over the top and in almost every case that change starts at the QB position.