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I do not trust
Bowe Unless you think Randy Moss can screw up this good thing going on At KC get Randy Moss
I trust Bowe in all aspects, more than I would Moss. I don't dislike Randy, in fact after watching a one on one interview he did from his private home a few years ago, I gained much respect for him as a person. I think he's moody, on & off with negative or positive personality, however.

I believe Bowe to be by far more of a team player, less of a distraction, not moody, nor does he have a personality of which would belittle someone to the extreme Moss is known to have done.

In final thought...did you see the up in the air acrobatic tackle/tumble Bowe took this past Sunday? I witnessed it personally, almost directly down from where I was sitting in upper level. It was absolutely amazing the athletic limberness of Bowe. He bounced up like a rubber ball, no pain, appeared not to be affected at all...& his uncushioned rear/hips hit that ground HARD!! He held on to the ball the entire time, regardless.

The dude looked to be a gymnist in the olympics, for lack of a better description. I don't know if the play made ESPN, but I speculated it might have, as amazing as it was. Bowe IMO is looking more & more to have the athletic abilities & talent of an amazingly skilled WR in many aspects...I believe he will continue to improve as such.