Currently, I'm in Dallas for a few weeks and this city will host Superbowl 45 in Feb 2011 and will be the first time that DFW hosts a Superbowl. (ofc talk of the town/ESPN is how the Cowboys are choking big time, unlikely to make it to become first team in NFL history to play superbowl in its home stadium, but thats another issue)

So was looking at future Superbowl hosting cities 46 is IND, 47 is in NOLA, 48 is in some stadium in NJ, which is a completely open stadium.

I remember KC voters turning down some tax increase to put a retractable roof on Arrowhead, which according to Wikipedia, NFL was going to award Superbowl 49 in 2015 to KC provided it had a roof!

So is there still plans to try to put up a roof on Arrowhead? Or how likely is NFL willing to host a Superbowl in a fully open stadium?

Would be totally awesome to see Superbowl come to KC...and by 2015 hopefully our team will have matured and be considered as much of a Superbowl contender as Steelers/Colts/Pats/etc.