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THe last word I had heard was that no Stadium that could possibly have inclimate whether conditions would host a Superbowl. That meant all northern cities, unless they were a dome.

Then they announced the game will be played in New Jersey and then they said they will do it on a case-by-case basis. They said that consideration on who would get a bowl game would be based on the infrastructure in the city.

I kind of took that to mean that Fly-over cities need not apply.
Case by case means who has the most political pull inside of the NFL. The New Jersey Super Bowl is in a stadium that is host to two NFL franchises. Personally I think it sucks that they did away with the "no Stadium that could possibly have in-climate whether conditions would host a Superbowl."

When I watch a Super Bowl I want both teams to be fighting each and not the weather. Such a game skews towards a cold weather team if it goes up against a warm weather team. That kind of does away with the idea of the game being played in a neutral site if both a warm weather team and a cold weather team meat in a cold weather Super Bowl.