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I hope I never live to see the day they put a roof on Arrowhead. All the stadiums selling the naming rights makes me sick as well. Hopefully the tradition of our stadium isn't for sale just to host a superbowl.
I would be soooooo upset & mad if they changed the name of Arrowhead, and Lamar (RIP) would be too! I could be wrong, but I don't think the Hunt family will ever sell the rights & sell out Arrowheads historic name. We're blessed as fans, in that the owners of our Chiefs are a family of sentiment, honor & principle, not always about the money, or money only. The Hunt family loves our Chiefs and Arrowhead as much as we do. It is obvious without doubt, when one visits the new Arrowhead and see's to what extreme effort the Hunt family went to incorporating the history of their Chiefs, & the NFL into Arrowheads renovation.

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Can you imagine how loud it would be if they put a roof over Arrowhead? LOL

My ears are aching just imagining the noise, lol.

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Fans that go to the superbowl, or not the normal NFL fan. The superbowl, is a celebrity shoot, and those are the fans who are custom to the box suites with heaters.
Ditto! Very few average NFL fans are in attendance at the Super Bowl. Hell, between the worldwide media, corporate advertising sponsors of the NFL, NFL execs, staff, franchise owners, coaches, players...all the family & connections of those above receiving tickets...there aren't many left for the average fan!

IMO...the Super Bowl will be hosted any place the NFL believes is profitable or of benefit to the NFL in some aspect. As well, many cities don't have an interest in hosting a Super Bowl. Some research indicates the cities lose money related to hosting a Super Bowl, more than profit from any tourist benefit.