I had to run an errand, something caught my eye between the passenger seat & console in my truck. Oddly, I can't imagine my not seeing it before, when vacuuming my truck, twice now, as I'm very thorough...but I missed it somehow. It's been there since the Saturday before Monday Night Football, which is when I picked Canada, aka Dave & Dan up at KCI! It's a ticket stub from US Airways...Buffalo to Charlotte, hahaha.

I was all sentimental & teary eyed with the memories triggered in my thoughts...then I think...it's a sign!! I was thinking about the Chiefs making the playoffs when I spotted the stub. Dave said they would return to Arrowhead this season if the Chiefs made the Playoffs! That's my story & I'm believin it's a sign the Chiefs will make the playoffs & Canada will return this season to Arrowhead! YEEHAW!!