Serious biz...I had a dream the other night that Chiefs Crowd members planned a New Years Weekend celebration gathering in conjunction with the Chiefs - Raiders game January 2nd. So I'm now thinking...are any of you interested in such a New Years Weekend Party & Sunday game day gathering in Kansas City?

Below is a rambling of my dream, what occurred, & why I think I had the dream in the first place, lol.

There were at least 300 Chiefs Crowd members and their families in attendance! We all stayed at a hotel and celebrated New Years Eve in the hotels ballroom, lol. People dressed in Chiefs theme attire, mostly the typical stuff, but there were some who were in fancy smancy glittery & sparkly New Years Chiefs theme attire, hahaha. Pretty cool actually!!

There was a live band even! The band played some songs related to the Chiefs...'Black Betty'...'We Will Rock You'...Kid Rock's Bawitdaba too! Oh what my imagination can come up with at times...I even dream in deep detail, lol.

I think my dream was triggered by my being the group hotel coordinater for the Kid Rock 2011 Cruise, New Orleans to Cozumel. I had been on the phone with the hotel a few times the day of my dream later that night, haha. My original group contract negotiations with a Hampton Inn in New Orleans began as a 40 room block. I've had to expand the block 25 rooms per necessary since I signed the contract with the hotel this past June. We're now a 125 room block! Averaging 3 to a room, the Hampton Inn will be bombarded with close to 400 Kid Rock fans & cruisers this coming April!! That is a Kid Rock record for any organized group hotel effort in the last decade, related to a Kid Rock concert/event.

In conclusion, I'm fairly sure my dream of 300 + Chiefs Crowd members partying in a ballroom at a hotel was a spin off of the above. Also, a friend had called earlier that same day I was confirming numbers with our Kid Rock hotel effort, and mentioned being in Kansas City the weekend of the Raiders game, it being New Years Weekend, possibly celebrating in KC..

Pretty awesome dream...huh?