I'm new here but would like to intmyself..........been a Chiefs fan since 1962 (dallas texas) hate the raiders,hate broncos follwed chiefs for 40+ years tough for me living in east....but alwys see chiefs in person when close wheter it be vs Jets'Pats,Eagles,Skins not many KC fans in these parts .Have 3 children all are NY Jets or Giant fans buts thats okay as long as there not Oakland or Denver fans or Charger fans (Are there actually any real charger fans?) any way hope there are Chiefs fans close by . My favorite Chiefs players over the years are many....Jim Marsalis,Robert Holmes,Warren McVea,Len Dawson,Johnny Robinson ,Chris Burford.(Am I showing my age? my fav chief moment was otis taylor td in Supe III and any time KC whips Broncs and Raiders.