Ok now that a couple of hours have passed I think this game is one that we defently did not deserve to win. The simple fact is that we got a HUGE break from the refs to even be in postion to go to ot. Were there calls that went against us yes there were. But IMO none of them had as big of an impact as that fumble call when IMO the runner was down.

Matt Cassel was NOT the reason that we lost that ball game. He did about all we really ask him to do. We didn't have much going in the running game and I think that hurt us much more then Matt Cassel. The O line had a down game. I think clearly there worst game of the season. Matt Cassel did hurt the team with the INT at the end of the half but For the most part I will take the effort he gave today.

The 2nd half the faiders outplayed the chiefs. That has me worried about this team going forward. Hopefully we see them rebound next week at mile hight. We need a huge win for sure.