Hi everyone I am new to the boards, but want to see if I was alone in this.

While there were tons of penalties and blame to go around, the one thing that frustrated me most watching this game can be summed up in these stats.

Charles: 10 carries for 53 yards.
Jones: 19 carries for 32 yards.

I am all for using two backs because I think it will make Charles better. But I really think the carries need to be reversed. Charles 60-70% of the carries and Jones 30-40% and not the other way around. I think it especially killed us on 3rd and one, where I believe we were stopped four different times trying to run the ball with Jones. I know Charles is the smaller back but I think he is better on 3rd and because our O-line doesn't push people as much as it makes creases. Charles is through those creases more quickly and is more slippery going through the hole. Also, on a day like today - with the Chiefs facing 8 & 9 man fronts. I feel like Charles would have busted a 70-yarder given 20 carries.

Anyone else equally frustrated?